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April 19, 2012

Άγιος Ευστράτιος – After broadcasting the Stratis teaser earlier this month, Bohemia Interactive has now confirmed an additional island in Arma 3. Situated in the North Aegean and stretching over 19 square kilometres, Stratis adds geographical variety and expands the game’s massive military sandbox. The reveal is supported by a fresh web update, trailer, screenshots and info on the Community Alpha.

Carrier Command’s Play & Contribute Beta goes live!

April 6, 2012

Sea trial – Just a few days after its announcement, Bohemia Interactive’s Play & Contribute Beta for Carrier Command: Gaea Mission has sailed out into the open water. Starting today, those who are joining in will be supporting the game’s development, while experiencing the unique ‘command-and-battle’ gameplay firsthand.

P&C Beta for Carrier Command: Gaea Mission

April 4, 2012

Prague, Czech Republic, Tuesday 3 April 2012

Float-out - Bohemia Interactive has announced a Play & Contribute Beta for their upcoming sci-fi game: Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. By participating, people will be able to make first contact and assist in the game's development process.

Take On Helicopters: Hinds strikes stores!

March 16, 2012

Lock on target – Bohemia Interactive has launched Take On Helicopters: Hinds - the first official DLC for Take On Helicopters. Bringing in a variety of helicopter gun-and-gameplay, Take On Helicopters: Hinds enlists players to become the pilot of the most iconic helicopter gunship ever: the Hind.

Arma 2: Firing Range for all Android devices

February 10, 2012

Arma 2: Firing Range

Bohemia Interactive has opened up the Android Market with the release of Arma 2: Firing Range for all Android devices. Arma 2: Firing Range is the ultimate firing range simulation, utilizing accurate high-polygon weapon models used in the award winning Arma 2 tactical shooter videogame. The game was already available for Android Tegra devices, but now it is available for all devices running Android 2.2 or higher.