Eagle Wing
Eagle Wing is a free DLC for Arma 2. It introduces the AH-64 helicopter gunship and a bonus mini-campaign featuring unique, engaging gameplay and multiple endings.

EAGLE WING DLC ingame screenshot EAGLE WING DLC ingame screenshot EAGLE WING DLC ingame screenshot EAGLE WING DLC ingame screenshot

Eagle Wing is the addon for Arma 2 and/or Arma 2: Combined Operations. It can not be played seperately and does require the original game in order to be played.

It's present in the game version 1.05 or higher.


Main Features

features_aiEAGLE WING

You are Ed Winter, a US Army pilot sent deep behind enemy lines to execute a covert operation.


A non-canonical story: what if the US entered into a war with Russia? What if they engaged in full-scale war? What if global conflict is inevitable?


The AH-64 - a modern, fully-armed army attack helicopter


Surprise - a large-scale military operation risks developing into something else altogether. Can you adapt to survive?

Arma 2 or Arma 2: Combined Operations.
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