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ArmA 2 offers a few small military boats, along with Chernarussian fishing boats.


Fishing Boat Fishing Boat

Simple boat used to catch fish in the sea. According to the international Food and Agriculture Organization there are about 4 million of commercial fishing boats worldwide. This is one of them.


The PBX is a Combat Rubber Craft very similar to the CRRC in design. It is intended to be used for maritime raids and infiltration, as well as riverine operations.


The Naval Special Warfare Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) is a fast, high-buoyancy all weather boat designed to transport a fully equipped team of eight men and three crew members. It is also fully transportable by C-130 Hercules. This one is equipped with M2 Machinegun and Mk 19, 40 mm grenade launcher.

Private small boat Private small boat

Many Chernarussians own small private boats, which are mostly used for fishing and recreation. Treacherous currents and hidden rocks make these vessels perfect for navigation along the Chernarussian coastline.