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Arma 2 features combat and transportation helicopters of both Western and Eastern provenance. Many of them are capable of serving both gunship and transport roles, their armament consists of mounted machineguns, cannons, rockets and iron bombs.


AH-1Z ARMA 2 Content AH-1Z

The AH-1Z Super Cobra is the Marine Corps’ primary attack helicopter, providing close air support, reconnaisance, point target attacks and anti armor capabilities. It is armed with 8 air-to-ground Hellfire missile platforms, a dual Hydra rocket system, dual AIM-9 air-to-air guided missile platforms and a 20mm gatling gun.

Ka-52 Ka-52ARMA 2 Content

The Kamov Ka-52 Alligator (NATO codename: Hokum B) is a Russian made two-seat attack helicopter. The Ka-52 is equiped with dual-antena radar and is armed with semi-rigid 30 mm Shipunow 2A42 cannon; with S-8 80 mm unguided rockets and 12 laser-guided Vikhr anti-tank missiles.

MH-60S MH-60SARMA 2 Content

The Knighthawk is the US Army’s front-line utility helicopter used for transport roles, medical evacuation and even air support. It is capable of carrying 11 combat equipped soldiers. Easy to maintain in the field the Knighthawk performs well in a variety of roles including air assault and medical evacuation. It is armed with two M240D 7.62 mm machineguns.

Mi-8MTV-3 Mi-8MTV-3ARMA 2 Content ARMA 2 Content

The Mi-8MTV-3 (Hip in NATO designation) is a multirole helicopter used to resupply armed forces or insert special forces units. It can also be heavily armed with guns and rockets. It is often used for air assault, direct air support, electronic warfare, medevac and search and rescue.

Mi-24D Mi-24DARMA 2 Content ARMA 2 Content

The Mil Mi-24 (NATO reporting name: Hind) is a Russian-made large helicopter gunship also capable of a low-capacity troop transportation. The Mil Mi-24P (NATO reporting name: Hind-D) is a more advanced version of the original Mi-24 designed primarily as a weapons platform.

UH-1Y UH-1YARMA 2 Content

The UH-1Y Venom is an American medium-size multipurpose utility army helicopter. It is equipped with two external Mk66 70 mm rocket stations and two 7.62 mm miniguns. The UH-1Y is able to carry up to 3 tons of cargo or up to 10 passengers. It can provide close air support missions as well as transportation or reconnaissance.

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