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Civilians prefer to use the sturdy and easy to maintain Eastern European make car that they're familiar with, whether it's their personal family car, or the wood-hauling truck they use for work. Sadly due to the horrible conditions of the local roads most cars native to Chernarus are in poor condition.


Urban Cars

Want to haul some wood to your cottage, drive your spouse to a shop in Chernogorsk or sneak through checkpoints with several bottles of vodka stashed in a cardboard box? Either use a car of your choice or take a bus. If you see the white-yellow car behind you, put the pedal to the metal!

Rusty urban car Urban car Bus Militia car

Cargo Transport

No matter what needs to be transported, the trucks can do it all: gravel, lemonade, guerillas or weapons.

Cargo transport truck Zgrynda Pickup V3S Offroad car


If you need to travel light, use a mountain bike! Tired of pedaling or in urgent need to escape the bad guys? Ride the motorbike!

Stormtrooper Mountain Bike Red Enduro