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ARMA 2 ContentCpt Shaftoe:

"Randy is a hard man to get to know. I think it‘s fair to say he keeps his distance in the company but despite that he‘s become something of a talisman to be honest. It‘s something I‘ve tried to discourage."

SSgt Randy Sykes


„Razor" marksman

Rank/Pay Grade:
Staff Sergeant (E-6)

Date of Birth:
October 14th 1975

Life and career:
Texan born ‚Randy‘ Sykes has a number of blackside ops to his name and is famous among his fellows for remaining ‚Ice Cold‘ in a crisis. A natural marksman, Sgt Sykes is Razor Team‘s designated Scout/Sniper. The truth behind his reported 2300m light .50 ‚confirmed kill‘, often cited among new 27th MEU recruits, remains classified. Completed training modules include: SOI, TBS, SMTC, BRC, SERE, SST, MCMAP

Special skills:
Exceptionally good shooting and camouflaging abilities, expertise in deep reconnaissance.