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Takistan Locals

People of Takistan

Takistani society is still based mainly on the tribal structure, and all men in the countryside possess various small arms to hunt and defend their family and village against any threat. Many of the tribes are still loyal to the royal family despite the government's effort to undermine the royalist faction.

Takistani civilians
"Truth is the same under the sun and the moon."
- Takistani saying
  • The Takistanian local fighters are loyal only to their families, clans and warlords. They will fight anyone endangering them, and they will help anyone who will help them in return.
  • The locals are armed with wide variety of weapons, including old bolt-action rifles, Cold-War era assault rifles, and limited numbers of machineguns, mortars and anti-tank weapons. One would be surprised by what could be found in their barns and cellars...
  • Royalist tribes controlling the larger areas have seized some of the Takistani Army's weaponry, mainly the old Soviet APCs and tanks, which are usually repainted khaki.

Takistani Locals

Takistani Guerrillas Takistanian locals are armed with combination of Western and Eastern military weapons and civilian weapons


Takistani Aircraft About to none...


Cars... Civilian cars, T-34, T-55, BRDM-2...