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These guns were designed, developed or modified to provide maximum performance for special warfare. Subsonic ammunition or integrated silencers are a few of the features which make them different.



ARMA 2 Contentarma2weapons_MP5sThe MP5 is a German submachine gun famous for its great reliability and excellent accuracy in its class. It is the weapon of choice within the international community of military and law-enforcement special forces. The MP5SD features a very efficient internal sound suppressor and even its trigger mechanism is designed to be silent making it the perfect weapon for quick, stealth actions and close quarter battles.

PP-19 Bizon

ARMA 2 Contentarma2weapons_BizonsThe Bizon is a unique submachine gun with its distinctive 64 round helical magazine. It is based heavily on the AKS74U and functions much the same way but the use of the smaller 9x18mm round trades penetration and range for magazine capacity and control.

VSS Vintorez

ARMA 2 ContentVSS Vintorez - Silenced sniper rifle, caliber: 9x39 mmThe VSS Vintorez (in English: Thread Cutter) is a suppressed sniper rifle made in Russia. It can be stripped down and transported in a relatively small briefcase and because of this it was mainly used for undercover operations by Spetsnaz. This weapon has a built-in suppression system making it a great infiltration and sniping weapon. The only drawback is the relatively small effective range of about 400m.

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