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Karzeghistan - particularly the Sharig Plateau and Shapur e-Dalanper provinces - is not high upon the international agenda; yet the lives of thoudsands of Karzegh nationals have been affected and their stories remain unheard. In our interview, we discuss the untold misery that has blighted the lives of those living around the volatile Takistani borderlands.

ARMA 2: British Armed Forces - Jamal Interview

About a week ago, international observers warned that the Shapur e-Dalanper area was set to endure intense fire-fights. Their predictions turned out to be accurate. This week, countless civilian refugees have fled from the area, as elite Takistani troops swarmed deep into Karzegh territory and occupied Shapur.

AAN, in association with 'Green Sea Today' magazine, went into a refugee camp in Southern Ardistan to interview the displaced populace. One of them was Jamal, and today we bring you his story. READ MORE...


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