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1   Link - 8/10
Arma II is chock-full of experiences and features you won't find in any other game. Where else can you fight in vast unscripted battles, hop through the pasture as a rabbit, or level a small town with a T-72?
2   Link - 7/10
ArmA II is a beautiful looking game. Actually, I'd say it's one of the best looking games on the market right now. Soldiers look and move realistically. All the vehicles are also extremely detailed both inside and outside.
3   Link - 7/10
ArmA 2 isn’t just dogmatic and unforgiving – it’s also very awkward in its construction and the weight of its ambition frequently proves too much for the sometimes-brilliant main campaign to pull off. Nonetheless, its vast, detailed world and unapologetic dynamism turn the game from sandbox to snowglobe – something you can’t resist shaking up just to see how it looks. With a scenario-scripting editor as deep and efficient as any seen in a game, providing instant simulatory skirmishes and enduring co-op crusades alike, ArmA 2 is, for all its snafus, a commanding presence.
4   Link - 70/100
ArmA 2 is a daring venture into what is a complex and indepth combat style world. The array of hardware and weapons given to the player is stunning.
5   Link - 7.9/10
You haven't experienced true beauty until you've tried to complete a sea-based obstacle course as a civilian fishing boat - or attempted to lay low from hunters as a rabbit.
6   Link - 7.8/10
The level of detail in this game, from the soldier's expressive faces to the multi-colored foliage to the weathered fences, is just amazing. The fidelity of the numerous vehicle and soldiers models and the variety of effects, from smoke to rain to lens flare, will actually lure you away from the action from time to time and leave you enthralled by the amount of work that it must have taken to get it all to look so natural.
7   Link - 7.9/10
Tak komplexné bojisko totiž v žiadnej hre nenájdete. Na to vezmite jed a skúste trochu poľaviť z nárokov: ukočírovať čosi tak gigantické je nemožné. A že sa o to niekto pokúsil, tak to je dôvod na vzdanie holdu. Arma 2 je podobná vínu, časom bude chutiť lepšie a lepšie. Arma 2 je jednoducho najlepší vojenský simulátor.
8   Link
The new ArmA 2 is much more than a revision of Armed Assault or Operation Flashpoint. It really is a tool full of possibilities in addition to a detailed campaign mode where we can enjoy the most varied opportunities for combat in a very realistic representation of a war scenario, vehicles, weapons and characters. ArmA 2 represents the absolute freedom facing a modern battle, and where each of our choices will bring consequences. A title between game and military simulator.
9   Link - 7/10
ArmA II je na dnešním trhu opravdu unikátním kouskem, spíše precizním simulátorem než klasickou hrou. Její obrovská náplň a realistické pojetí hledají jen stěží konkurenci a rozlehlý svět nabízí nevídanou míru svobody.
10   Link - 8/10
In an age where most developers are reaching out to embrace casual gamers, ArmA II is something of a refreshing exception
11   Link - 9/10
This is warfare on a wholly different and much more epic (and unforgiving) scale.
12   Link - 8.1/10
Bohemia Interactive has crafted an extraordinary simulation of modern war that is among the most immersive, atmospheric and technologically astounding games we’ve ever seen
13   Link - 7/10
There’s a fantastic military simulation here, with genuinely spontaneous moments of tense drama and elation arising from intelligent and dynamic systems
14   Link - 8.8/10
In Conclusion, ArmA II definitely delivers in terms of realism, graphics and gameplay. It adds a few new features to this genre and if you're looking for a truly realistic military experience, than this is definitely the game for you. A gripping single-player campaign and engaging and addictive multiplayer, ArmA II shoots and scores!
15   Link - 7.7/10
ArmA II is a testament to the kind of experience that is offered up when a game developer caters to a niche market and tries to give them what they want.
16   Link - 4/5
The best war sim on the market.

"I’ve written three previews for this game over the past nine months, and with hindsight I realise that they’ve all been making the same three points:
a) ArmA II is awfully pretty
b) ArmA II is absolutely massive
c) ArmA II is cruelly realistic"
17   Link   PC Gamer(UK) - 83/100
A brilliantly in-depth and vast war simulator that rewards your patience. But buyer
beware: this game has AI issues.
18   Link - 70/100
The vast and open world of ArmA II offers an incomparable army experience. You only
need to accept its slow pace and batch of unpleasant bugs. Still ArmA is the only
matchless war toy.
19   Link - 66/100
Die Militärsimulation Operation Flashpoint von 2001 (GS-Wertung: 88 %) war Experiment und Geniestreich zugleich und begründete das Genre der taktischen Militärsimulationen.
20   Link - 72/100
Authentischen, sehr detaillierten Waffen, Fahrzeugen und Umgebungen; herausfordernden Einzelspielermissionen und beeindruckenden Mehrspieleroptionen.
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