Proving Grounds

roving Grounds


Map of TakistanThe Proving Grounds are situated in the western province of Takistan, with Nasdara providing the closest densely habited settlement. Stretching out towards Ardistan, the terrain is radically different from the dry desert conditions to the east and south, with denser clusters of vegetation in the more temperate region.

Facility OKB-754 was the central hub of Takistan's nuclear weapons programme, which reached it's zenith in late 1999 with the detonation of a 5-10 kiloton device, before being forcibly abandoned due to sanctions from the international community. The test site was devastated by an underground detonation, which exceeded the expected yield and breached the surface of the ground, distributing a small quantity of radiation around the immediate area; forcing any local activity out of the region and destroying a significant amount of vegetation.

The region falls within the jurisdiction of the New Takistani Army (NTA), under the supervision and coordination of NATO and coalition forces in central Takistan. Various factious militia groups operate within the region, which is considered a dangerous, but strategically less-significant part of Takistan.

Proving Grounds  Proving Grounds

Following the success of summer 2012's British-led counter-insurgency, NATO coalition forces began the process of dividing up Takistan into security administration regions.

The British deployment took control of the disputed border region with Karzeghistan, while the Americans fortified their position around the capital, Takmyr, and Takistan's border with Chernarus. Nato and other coalition forces assumed command of Central Takistan's security, monitoring and coordinating the NTA training and control of central-south Takistan; however the British and U.S. deployments still retain a small operational presence within the volatile Central region.

Proving Grounds  Proving Grounds

An independent deployment of Russian Federation troops - separate from, but cooperative with the coalition command structure - took responsibility of training and security and in the north and along Russia's significant border with Takistan.

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