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1   Link - 80% - 'ARMA 2: Combined Operations' is all About Realism
30.7.2010 - Core gamers looking for a realistic combat experience should definitely enlist with "ARMA 2: Combined Operations."
2   Link - 74% - ARMA 2: Combined Operations Review
22.7.2010 - The mission maps feel massive, and even give the impression that they do go on towards an out of focus mess forever. ARMA is the answer people have been calling for; too bad it is the only one.
3   Link - 83% - ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead Review
20.7.2010 - The cover of the manual states that ArmA II: Combined Operations is the ultimate military simulator. From my time with this game I’d say that that statement is pretty accurate. The whole experience was carefully designed to give us civvies a detailed look at the everyday life and job of a US soldier. If you’ve played its predecessor or are looking for the ultimate challenge in warfare look no further than ArmA II: Combined Operations for PC. You will not be disappointed.
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